Currently, it isn't possible to export data that has manually been entered into a user's profile on Ancoris Signatures.

You may consider syncing your user's profile data from G Suite automatically, the data that is stored in G Suite can be exported from the G Suite APIs or using third-party tools such as GAM.

  • See here for guidance on syncing profile information from G Suite: Link
  • For guidance on exporting your profile information from G ¬†Suite using GAM, see here: Link

Feature Suggestion

There is currently an active feature suggestion on our feature suggestion forum for the exporting of user profile information, take a look at it here: Link

Please feel free to add your comments/ideas in the forum and upvote any suggestions that you like. You can use the Follow button on each feature suggestion to receive updates about that feature suggestion. If a feature suggestion receives a lot of support from customers, it will be taken under consideration for future development.