Welcome to Ancoris Signatures, this article aims to provide guidance on your first time configuration of Ancoris Signatures within the G Suite Admin Console.

Please Note: It is recommended that a G Suite Super Administrator configures Ancoris Signatures for the first time as access to the Directory is required to import users, and Gmail API to update Signatures. 

  1. Login to the G Suite Admin Console
  2. Go to Apps then Marketplace Apps

  3. Click the plus button  to open the app search

  4. In the search, find Ancoris Signatures and select the result

  5. On the Ancoris Signatures listing, chose the option to domain install, this allows you to sync your user's information into Ancoris Signatures
    - After installation, you may chose to limit the Application to specific OUs if not all users require signatures

  6. Read and accept the warning about installing domain wide installation

  7. Accept to allow Ancoris Signatures to access the required data on your G Suite Domain

  8. After the application has been authorised, click the Green Launch button to navigate to Ancoris Signatures and to setup your trial account!

  9. Simply fill out the form with information about your company, required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*), then click Next.
    - If you are registered via a Ancoris Signatures partner, feel free to enter their domain name to help identify your should you need to contact support.

  10. Enter information about your G Suite Administrator, this is the primary contact who we can reach out to regarding Ancoris Signatures, then click Next again.

  11. Lastly enter contact information for your Communications Manager, another point of contact for us to reach out to if required, and click Next.

Once the trial has been configured, you are directed into the Ancoris Signatures management console where you can create your first signature templates and assign to your users. Your current G Suite users are imported into Ancoris Signatures automatically during your trial configuration!

Our interactive tour will start right away for you, please feel free to complete the tour for an overview of Ancoris Signatures and for guidance on creating your first Signature. You can return to the tour at any time by clicking the "Take Tour" button in the top right corner of your screen. 

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