In Ancoris Signatures, you can easily update a user's email address using the Import Users option.

  1. Firstly, update the user's email address in G Suite (Guidance)
  2. In Ancoris Signatures, go to Dashboard
  3. Under the Manage Users tab, click Import Users

This will import any new users that have not yet been pulled from your G Suite instance into Ancoris Signatures, as well as updating the addresses of any current users. 

If you have User Sync enabled under the Settings page, your user's email addresses will be updated automatically each day.

Important: If changing the email address of an Ancoris Signatures Administrator, the Administrator will no longer be able to access the Ancoris Signatures management pages until their email address has been updated. It is recommended you enable the User Sync option under the Settings page and update the Domain Administrator email if required (this will automatically update the email overnight).