Working with filters

Turning layers on or off

In Ancoris Maps for Housing, data can be viewed in two modes - cascade filtering or overlay. You can switch between these modes using the Cascade option on the Data menu.

Cascade filtering

Cascade filtering allows you to display multiple data categories on a map, with the points on the map representing the properties that match all values in the filter.

For example, you could set:

  • All houses with 4 bedrooms built after 2003 as one filter
  • All properties in arrears with no court action or agreement in place as another filter

You can add as many values to a filter as required. Properties that match all values in the filter will display when the filter is selected.

Once created, you can save a filter so that you can show all matching properties again at any time.

Overlay mode

Overlay mode allows you to overlay many different values on the map. If you choose a number of layer values, each property that matches any of those values will be displayed using the colour of the pin in the Data menu.

For example

Imagine we are displaying all flats with 1 bedroom, built between 1976 and 1982.

Using cascade filtering, only the properties that match all of these values will be marked, each showing in the same colour:

Using overlay mode, any property that matches any of these values will be marked using the pin colour for that value in the Data menu:

Saving a filter

You can save a filter that uses cascade filtering or overlay so that you can view the matching properties at any time:

  1. Display the Data menu and choose all of the layer values you wish to display
  2. Click on the Filter button to show the filter pane
  3. Ensure Cascade is set to On if you wish to show properties that match all of the selected values. Set Cascade to Off if you wish to show properties that match any of the selected values.
  4. Click in the Current Filter line, then click on Create new filter

  5. Enter a name for the filter
  6. Click on Submit

Viewing a saved filter

The Current Filter list is used to view a saved filter:

  1. Click on the Current Filter line on the Data menu
  2. Click on the filter you wish to show

Clearing a filter

Click on the Deselect Filter button to clear a filter from screen.

Click on the Delete FIlter button to remove a filter that is no longer required.