Launching Maps for Housing

Launching Maps for Housing

Ancoris Maps for Housing is a web-based application that is accessed through your browser e.g. Chrome or Internet Explorer.

To launch Maps for Housing:

  1. Open your browser and click in the address bar along the top of the screen
  2. Type and press Return
  3. Click on the Log in with G Suite link

If you have already logged into G Suite with a single account, you will be logged straight into Ancoris Maps for Housing without any further steps.

If you have a number of accounts that you have used to log into G Suite, you will be prompted to choose the account you wish to use to access Ancoris Maps for Housing.

If you are using Google Chrome and have logged into Chrome, you will be logged into Ancoris Maps for Housing automatically.

Adding a new account

If you have not logged onto G Suite on your computer, you will need to add your account as follows:

  1. On the Choose an Account screen, click on Add Account
  2. Enter your G Suite email address and click on Next
  3. Enter your G Suite password and click on Sign In
  4. Click on the new account to log onto Maps for Housing

The Maps for Housing screen will display, with your default location showing in the centre of the screen.

Your default Maps for Housing location is set by your account administrator.