Turning layers on/off

Data can be displayed in two modes - Cascade filtering or overlay. You can switch between the two modes in the filter dialog accessed by selecting Filter from the top  

menu. Data can be added to the map by selecting categories in the menu.

Cascade Filtering

Allows you to filter multiple data categories to be viewed on the map. The points on the map will represent the different categories selected. For example you could select houses, 4 bedrooms and built after 2003 as one filter or , all properties in arrears that have no court action and no agreement in place or all the properties you manage that are void. As many categories can be included in the filter as you like.

Overlay Mode

Allows you to overlay different Layer Values on top of the map. The Layer Values are displayed with the icon in the category list and overlayed on top of each other. As shown below:

Once you have selected the layer values you will see the following:

Saving Filters

Filter and overlay selections can be saved for quick access.

Once the required filter is shown enter a name and save the filter.

After saving your filter details in screenshot show how to view filter.