How to Add New Properties?

  1. Export the data from your Housing Management System as a CSV file.
    1. The CSV needs to contain the following 3 columns - please note that the column names are case sensitive as written below)
      1. One of address or Address (this should be the address of the property)
      2. One of postcode or Postcode (this should be the postcode of the property)
      3. One of customerRef, place or Place (this should be your unique property reference number).
    2. Optionally you may choose to also include the columns lat and lng.
      If one of lat or lng is provided then both must be provided for the CSV to pass validation.
      Failing to provide these headings will mean that Ancoris Maps for Housing will attempt to Geocode the properties using the Google Geocoding Service which occasionally provides undesired results.
    3. In addition to the aforementioned columns you must also include one or more (but at least one) further columns that index your property data against the menu items.
  2. Send the CSV file to
    You can only send one CSV attachment per email and the CSV must be in UTF-8 format.

How do I add new officers?

This is done as part of the property ingestion, you will need to add a column/field in your CSV file detailing the officer 'assigned' to the property.

To correct a spelling mistake, please ensure that you correct this in the source data and send the property ingestion information again.
Officers are automatically removed, as part of the data ingestion process, when they are no longer associated with any data or object.

How do I add additional data properties?

Your data properties were defined as part of your setup process. To add additional data properties please create a new ticket or email