This article aims to explain the various settings available in Ancoris Signatures.

To access and modify the settings, you will need to login to Ancoris Signatures then click on the Settings tab.

Domain Administrator Email: Please enter the email address of an Administrator in your G Suite domain. An administrator’s email is required to enable API access in the security section of the G Suite Admin Console, and to grant Ancoris Signatures with data access via the Apps > Marketplace Apps section within the Admin Console.

Allow User Edits?: Enable this setting if you wish to allow your users to manage and make edits to their own profile. Please note, you cannot enable this feature if you wish to automatically sync profiles from G Suite, more information can be found here (

Automatically update Gmail signatures every: Specify how often you wish to update the signatures (Never, Daily or Weekly), this setting is useful for forcing an override of user created signatures.

Automatically Import Users every: Specify how often you wish to automatically add new users found in your G Suite domain (Never, Daily or Weekly).

Automatically Sync Profiles: Specify how often you wish to sync users profiles from G Suite (Never, Daily or Weekly). Please note, this will overwrite any changes to profile data you or your users have made since the last sync profile.

Default Signature: Assign a default signature to newly added users, providing they are not a member of an organisational unit which already has a signature template applied.

Links whitelist: Enter domain names that are allowed to be used in Ancoris Signatures, please leave this blank if you wish to allow all domains to be whitelisted.