This article aims to explain the various settings available in Ancoris Signatures under the Settings tab.

1. Domain Administrator: This field should contain the email address of a Super Administrator of your G Suite instance. 

  • A super administrator's email is required to enable API access in the security section of the G Suite Admin Console
  • Grant Ancoris Signatures with Data Access via the Apps > Marketplace Apps section within the Admin Console.
  • By default, the Super Admin that registered for Ancoris Signatures will be in the field. 

2. Default Signature: In the drop-down menu, chose if a default signature gets applied to new users in Ancoris Signatures. 

3. Links Whitelist: Enter domain names that are allowed to be used in Ancoris Signatures.

  • Separate each domain by a comma.
  • Leave the field blank to allow all domains.

4. User Sync: Enable this option for new G Suite users to be automatically pulled into Ancoris Signatures on a daily basis. 

5. Pull G Suite Profiles: Enable this option to pull user information from G Suite on a daily basis.

  • Please note, when this setting is enabled, manual profile edits are disabled in Ancoris Signatures.
  • Enabling this setting will remove any pre-existing profile information that isn't already available in G Suite
  • See this article for more information: Link

6. Allow User Edits: Enable this option if you wish to allow your users to manage and make edits to their own profile information. 

  • Please note, this option cannot be enabled when the option to Pull G Suite Profiles (5) is enabled.
  • When enabled, regular users can access Ancoris Signatures to edit the profile information shown on their Signature

7. Update Signatures: Enable this option to automatically sync Signatures to users Gmail on a daily basis.