Please note: Only Administrators have access to creating and editing signatures templates.

Ancoris Signatures give you the ability to stay in control of your domain wide signatures and ensure your employees signatures adhere to company policy.

Creating and editing a Signature

To manage, create, assign and edit a signature, you will need to go to Ancoris Signatures > Manage tab.

Ancoris Signatures provide predefined templates where you are able to edit and use for your domain. You can create your own custom templates by choosing an existing template and use the "Copy" button to save it as your own template. Note your custom template will not be available outside your domain. Once you've saved it you can modify it and save updates as you wish. You can also create a new template by clicking on ‘Create new’ under the template session shown in the left hand side of the application.

Manage Ancoris Signatures

When designing the new signature templates, you are given the option to use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, or if you are familiar or prefer HTML you can user the HTML editor instead.

In order to create a template which can be used for multiple users, we have provided the option to add merge fields. You can achieve this by, clicking the  button to add a merge field. Merge fields will automatically merge in data from users profiles when they are assigned to the signature. When you add a merge field, you will be given an option to condition the field, this allows you to render content, only if the user’s profile contains a value for the field.


Using this feature allows you to create dynamic signature templates for a large number of users without having to worry if the user has the correct information completed on their profile. Conditional fields should not be used for mandatory fields (such as [name]). Ancoris Signatures will automatically detect which users have missing data for non-conditional fields so you can be sure to correct the profiles.

You also have an option to click on one of the social buttons to add a social link to your signature template.