You can renew your licenses online, inside the Ancoris Signatures management pages under the licensing tab.

Please Note: In order to renew online, your current subscription must be within 3 months of expiry.

Purchases before the last 3 months of your subscription will be added as additional licenses and priced according to the length of your subscription remaining.

To order a renewal subscription:

  1. Go to the Licenses page from the left-hand navigation
  2. Enter the amount of licenses you currently hold into the 'Add new licenses' field.
  3. To proceed you need to view and agree to the Terms of Service

  4. Click Buy

Entering your current license amount into the field within 3 months of your expiry forces the system to treat the purchase as a renewal. 

Upon purchase, the licenses will be added onto your account with an expiry date a year from the current date. The existing licenses will expire on their previous expiry date.

For pricing information, take a look at our website here: Link

Alternatively contact for more information.