If your signatures are stuck 'pending update', you should be able to find out why via the Report section of Ancoris Signatures.

Common reasons for signatures not being updated are:

  1. The signature contains a reference to a profile field for a user which is both a required field and is not present in the users profile.    
    • To remedy this either make the reference to this field in the signature template conditional (only display the field if there is content to display in it). Otherwise update the profile for that user in question. You can do that by either updating the user profile in G Suite and then in Ancoris Signatures from the Dashboard, click Users and then Sync Profiles.
  2.  The signature template references an external domain which has not been whitelisted
    • Ancoris Signatures offers protection against accidental linking to unauthorized external domains by providing a whitelisting feature.  This can be found on the Settings tab > Links Whitelist.  If this is causing a problem, the simplest resolution is to ensure this box is blank which has the effect of turning off the whitelisting check, or to add the relevant domain into the whitelist.