"Ancoris Signatures is not able to communicate with the Email Settings API. To re-validate your token please grant data access to this application in the Admin Console for your G Suite domain"

If you receive this message in Ancoris Signatures, there are a couple of easy steps you can follow to ensure the correct access has been provided to your G Suite domain, see the sections below for guidance. 

1. Grant Data Access to Ancoris Signatures

Firstly a Super Administrator should check in the Admin Console that Data Access has been granted to the Ancoris Signatures application:

  1. Go to your G Suite Admin Console
  2. Under Apps > Marketplace Apps > Ancoris Signatures, drop down the Data access section on the accordion
  3. If there is Approval Needed, click the Grant data access option

  4. Once done, the green Granted text should appear, click the Update Signatures option in Ancoris Signatures to force an update

2. Verify the Domain Administrator Email Address in Ancoris Signatures

The email address configured in the Domain Administrator field in Ancoris Signatures should be a current Super Administrator email address to allow access to the Directory of users and the Email Settings API to update signatures.
  1. Go to the Settings page in Ancoris Signatures
  2. Confirm the email address configured in the Domain Administrator field is a Super Administrator
    - If the administrator is no longer current, you can simply enter a different email address into the field