Your G Suite users are automatically added to Ancoris Signatures upon your trial configuration, after the initial setup you can either configure an automatic user sync, or manually sync users when they're added to your domain. 

See this article for guidance on importing and deleting your users in Ancoris Signatures. 

1. Import users from your G Suite domain

You can configure Ancoris Signatures to import your users automatically each day. 

To configure user sync:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under the System Settings tab, check the User Sync option

Please Note: Users aren't automatically removed from Ancoris Signatures upon deletion in G Suite, refer to Section 2 below.

You can also manually sync users from G Suite if you need a one-time update, this is done simply by selecting the sync users iconunder the Manage Users tab in the Dashboard section.

2. Delete users from Ancoris Signatures

When a user has been deleted in G Suite, you can remove them easily from Ancoris Signatures with a single button press. 

Under the Manage Users tab, click the bin iconand the system will automatically remove all users that are no longer present in your G Suite domain.