If some of your staff do not have some attributes, you can make the template skip or ignore these so that you do not get the "Profile Incomplete" error.

We call the attributes within a template a merge field.  You apply a merge field as below:


e.g. [job_title]


You can make merge fields conditional, and this is will skip the attribute if it is not available. It will look like this:

{% if attribute_name%}attribute_name{% endif %} 

e.g {% if job_title %}[job\title]{% endif %}_


If you are using the WYSIWYG editor, you should click on the merge field icon, select the attribute/merge field you want to insert and then select the Yes option in the "Make this a conditional field?" section. 

The placement of the conditional field is important in the template design as you may want the conditional part to include some other elements for example:

{% if job_title %}Job title: [job\title]{% endif %}_ 

will print nothing if the attribute is unavailable whereas:

Job title: {% if job_title %}[job\title]{% endif %}_ 

will print "Job title: "  if the attribute is unavailable.