If you have merge fields in your Signature Template that not all of your employee's may have relevant profile information stored, you will need to use a conditional merge instead of a required merge field to sync their Signature to G Suite. 

Important: If a required merge field is used and there is no profile information available for the user, the error "Signature not updated, as the user profile was incomplete" will be shown in the Ancoris Signatures logging tab.

When editing a Signature Template, you can add a conditional merge field like so:

  1. In the editor, click the Merge Field icon
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the profile information you wish to display
  3. Select if the merge field is conditional
    - A conditional field will only be displayed on the user's signature if they have the profile information available.
    - For example: If the user has no job title configured in Ancoris Signatures or G Suite, the field will not be displayed. 
  4. Click OK

Once a merge field has been added to the signature it will be shown as placeholder text like so:

For guidance on storing profile information in Ancoris Signatures, see the following article: Editing or Syncing a user's profile information

Conditional Merge Fields using an ELSE statement

In your Signature Template, you can include a conditional merge field with an else statement, this allows you to show information in the Signature even where there is no information present. 

Example: Some of your user's may have direct phone numbers available, but some don't. Using the else statement you can show a default phone number in place of the direct number when it's not available (see example below).

  • To create an else statement in your template, use the following syntax:
    {% if work_tel %} [work_tel] {% else %} 01234 567 890 {% endif %}