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Remove Signature from Suspended Users

Response from Support:

Unfortunately if the user is suspended after Ancoris Signatures have been enrolled it will not remove their signature and you will then have to remove the signatures for all users in that OU and apply the signatures to the users via the previous steps.

We have many suspended users over the past 2 years. We want the OU to remain managed, but as suspended users seem to remain in the OU they continue to be assigned a signature. Seems only option is to remove signature from OU and manually update users from then on, which isn't a good workaround.

Just as an example in the smaller of our OUs Ancoris lists 21 users with assigned signatures, but only 16 are active accounts. The larger OUs will have many more suspended users within them. 

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Today, whilst trying to sort out an issue as suggested by support as a work around, I removed the Signature template from an OU, I then needed ot reassign it back to the same OU but now can't as reached the limit on licenses. We already have way more licenses already than we actually need, but they are being used by employees that were suspended over the past 2 years. We will not buy even more unwanted licences to cover this fault in the system, but at the same time don't want to have to stop using OUs to manage it and start managing users individually. It defeats the point of using this system.

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