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Allow multiple signatures per user

In our company some users work for various departments. It would be great if they can have multiple signatures and choose between them.

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Would definitely second this - at the moment it is 'blanket' changing all other signatures within a user's account...

I'm evaluating Appogee Signature and theis is the make or break feature for me. My organization works with 10 different brands, each with it's own domain name that are added to our Google Apps account.  Each employee typically works with 4-5 different brands and are set up to be able to send out email from each brands respective domain. So we need a way to control 4-5 signatures for each user.

Same here!

By adding the ability of multiple signatures per user (based on the domain/company they are sending as/from), Appogee Signatures will be the perfect & complete product.

We would love to be able to offer the ability to specify a different signature per sending email address, like you can set within the webui for Gmail.

Currently Google only allow the default sending address signature to be updated via the Email Settings API (which is what Appogee Signatures uses).  Should this change, we will re-look at this feature request.

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