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Assign signatures based on Google Group/OU membership

The addition of the "Default Signature" that was first requested has made the process of assigning a signature much easier when new Google users are created.  Now our Marketing team has seen the power, they now want groups of people to have specific signatures based on product promotions or industry awards / certification.  Trying to manage manually signature allocation across 5000 accounts will be too labour intensive, especially with starters, leavers and movers, therefore a suggestion to enhance the default email signature.

Rather than just a default signature pick list, you would have a new Dynamic Signature Assignment table to control signature allocation.  This would be a list in priority order with a group name (as created in the normal Google Admin console) and signature associated with it.  The last entry in the table would be the catch all "Default" entry should no one match.


  1. Group = Marketing, Signature = Marketing Corp Signature
  2. Group = Sector A Workforce-Certified, Signature = Sector A-BSI Workers Signature
  3. Group = Sector A Workforce-Non Certified, Signature = Sector A-Normal Workers Signature
  4. Group = All, Signature = Default Email Signature

You would need options to allow entries to be added, removed and reordered in priority.  An option to enable/disable an entry would be an advantage too rather than just deleting a row.


To allow people the flexibility to have user specific signatures, the selection of the signature template on the user should be either:

  1. "Dynamic Assignment" - ie uses logic above
  2. Signature Template - ie uses this template only
  3. "Blank" - ie no template (I have to create a "Blank" template to achieve this for the exceptions!)

To ensure new users are assigned the right default signature, the same logic would apply - default would be "Dynamic Assignment", a signature template or "Blank".

I believe that this idea will enable Appogee Sgnatures to be an easier product to administer for larger, diverse organisations without being seen as an admin overhead just to have different details for groups of people.  As group membership controls can be delegated easily within Google Groups, it also means that Appogee admin access is restricted further simplifying the management for large organisations.

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