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Can we have the ability to delete OUs (Organisational Units)?

Most companies evolve and change their internal organisation structures over time and this is reflected in the OU's. 

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I agree with this.  As our company has grown we have created additional structure across each department and know our OU's are a mess.  This confuses team members who have not gone thru this change.

After having a large re-structure, this is also something we need incorporated as a feature.

Has there been any movement on this Louisa?

Hi Ash,

We don't currently have this on the roadmap, but we will be re-reviewing all requests in the next 3 months and I will make sure this one is highlighted for you and update you accordingly.


Totally agree. We merged 2 domains a few years ago and closed a campus, resulting in a reorganisation of our OUs . The fact that Ancoris Signature still uses this structure and shows the invalid user accounts means we see double the amount of users we should. It makes managing it all when we have an issue very clunky and a manual process.

For this to be a workable system in the future we have to have a better solution.

@Louisa - Any update from your "re-reviewing all requests in the next 3 months" comment 2 years ago. Seems that there aren't any new features or improvements being added at all. This and some other UI issues make it time consuming when trouble shooting issues.

Hi Alison,

Apologies for the lack of progress on some of these feature requests.

Our development team actually started working last week on this particular request.

I don't have an ETA for release yet on this, but it is in progress.


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OUs (Organisational Units) that no longer exist in your G Suite Admin Console can now be removed from Ancoris Signatures!

All you need to do is click the Sync Org Units icon  under the Manage Users tab, the system will then update to match your current list of OUs.

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