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User Detail - Using data from Signature app database to pull into a Signature template

Example of Google user and email address: John Doe <>

Would it be possible to have the app pull the name and surname of the user, from the app database, to a template signature? In other words, if I assign a template to user, the app would insert "John Doe" on top of the assigned signature, as such:

John Doe (data pulled in from existing app database)
Job description (as per signature template)
Company name (as per signature template)
Contact numbers etc (as per signature template)

This is basic data readily available from the app database. The feature could be added when setting up a template, as one would add a hyperlink for example. The feature may state "Use assignee name and surname" as a line item.

The idea can be extended to have features such as, "Use assignee company address" etc.

It is already possible to insert fields from the signature database such as firstname, lastname, job title, email, phone number, company name, address, web urls.

When creating your template you can use the "Add Merge Field" button to insert the fields into the template so you can use one template for multiple users.

See the following article for guidance on importing user information from G Suite: Editing or Syncing a user's profile information